I want to buy a home but dont have the lender required 20-25% down…….can I stiil buy?

The answer is probably! If your credit score is weak and the lender is requiring 20 – 25% down, there may be 3 alternatives. If your credit score is average but you don’t have the lender required funds, there may be 3 alternatives. The answer will lay in the private sector money market. Here are the old but tried and true ways to make a purchase. …continue

A few quick things to do before placing your home on the market to sell.

Here are  a few quick things to complete,  when your thinking about placing your home on the market. Get these things done first, and it will bring you more buyers and a better price on the sale.

1] EXTERIOR  Physically walk to the curb and turn around and try to look at your home from a buyer’s perspective. Its called “Curb Appeal.”  This is the first step…….the exterior is usually a reflection of what a buyer perceives the interior to look like. If the flower beds, the grass, the trimming,  the paint all need attention, the buyer may judge the interior to be the same and they may pass on even looking inside. Here is a tip, if the paint is an issue and your on a tight budget, just paint the front of the home. Become a DIY and get to Wal-Mart for the flowers and bedding touch ups. Another tip, wash the front door entirely! Most people use the garage entry door after parking the car and never use their front door. …continue

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Khan treated the wounds of his soldiers with the fly larvae. The National Health Service in the UK is starting to use larvae again some 1200 years later. Drew’s fascination with the Fly was sparked by a visit to a South African chicken farm where he was alarmed by the wasted protein, which is perfect fly food..

We gotten over that hump, which is a good step, but he still not out of the woods. How long I don know. As a coach, you prepare for long stretches. A lot of companies begin complaint response emails with: “We have received your email dated” Don’t do this. The fact that you’re responding to the email is irrefutable proof that you have received the customer’s email. Instead of wasting words, immediately go into a response designed to restore the customer’s confidence and regain their goodwill..

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A graduate of the University of Dayton, Bradley has a variety of work experiences ranging from wildland firefighting to law enforcement, to senior level management positions with Fortune 500 companies. Originally from Ohio, Bradley has lived in many different areas of the country, and has traveled the United States extensively. The Black Hills and Smoky Mountains remain special places, driving the subjects of his first two books..

Should we build…..or buy a re-sale home here in Lee county?

Down thru the years in my real estate career, this question often is asked by buyers. There are many variables that influence the “buy or build” question in our market. I think everyone would like a fresh new home to move into…….but it may not be practical due to their time frame of moving.

I can give you a big picture answer as well as a more detailed explanation of which way to go on that decision, to buy a resale home or to break ground and build that “dream” home. …continue