Tips For Your Healthy Credit

The journey thru life involves many decisions along the way. Your financial part of that journey requires discipline just like the other aspects of your life. Like other plans…….education, hobbies, marriage, family, career building, income, all need to be goal oriented. Your financial goal requires a plan as well. Here are some quick, but not necessarily easy tips to use. …continue

“Top 7” best way’s to search for homes on-line.

Here are the best ways to search for a property to buy. I have ranked them from the best to the least effective, so you can get thru them quickly. You may even see some surprises that you did not know exist where YOU can actually control the properties your reviewing. That’s right, you control the data stream…………read on…..!!

1] Use a Realtor. I know you’re muttering under your breath, Jessie is a Realtor trying to promote her business? No, that is not accurate. Try this, it works. …continue

Investors…….Where to put your money in our local Real Estate market.

I guess the easiest and quickest way to help an investor make a decision is to target your specific objective. You then can be the judge about which price category you fall into based on your available funds. Each category below is different. Each is also time sensitive, and what may be a good direction for your money today, may not be the same in a year or two. I have also broken it down into tier’s so you can quickly get to your price range info. Here are the best of the best! …continue

Fort Myers ranked 3rd as a destination city for 2012

I pulled a few comments of this topic from another bloggers site that has a reputation for accurate data and information. ranked Fort Myers as the # 3 destination in its list of “Destinations on the Rise” in their website. Their report cites offshore fishing in beautiful aqua waters, our white sand beach’s, 3 spring training baseball teams, our lush green all year round golf courses, and the renovations to the downtown Fort Myers area, as the major reasons for their ranking. …continue

2nd beach added to Cape Coral

A new white sand beach has just been added this week to the premier “Four Freedoms Park” on the sailboat gulf access Bimini Basin in south Cape Coral. With development funds of $41,000, this created a 2nd white sand beach destination for people to enjoy in south Cape Coral.  …continue